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About 1st Bridgehouse University

1st Bridgehouse University's provides easy and online tools to help any principal responsible for firm element continuing education to develop and implement your firm element CE program. By using our Online Need Analysis Information System with 1st BridgeHouse University your registered representatives will meet their firm CE requirement while you track their progress. Our customized and affordable CE program gives you a yearly subscription to unlimited access to our entire course catalog, which currently contains over 75 different courses. The convenience of 1st BH U allows the CE Principal to save your valuable time because, with your help, we complete your annual needs analysis and help you track each registered representatives progress. Registered Representatives can complete their assigned courses at their desk, in the bathroom, or on their couch, day or night, 24/7!


Compliance Training

Welcome to 1st Bridgehouse University's Training web portal. We are proud to offer you content that is both relevant and timely. Our compliance training partner, Quest CE, has curriculum that covers a broad spectrum of topics important to today's complaince professional. Some of the topics covered in their library include: Anti-Money Laundering, Fixed Annuities, Variable Annuities, Mutual Funds, Asset Allocation, Retirement Planning, Long Term Care, 529 Plans, Suitability and Disability Income Insurance.