Saxony Securities, Inc., Patrick Capital Markets, LLC & Saxony Capital Management, LLC

Saxony Securities, Inc., Patrick Capital Markets, LLC and Saxony Capital Management, LLC (collectively known as “The Firm”) are a unique coalition of financial services groups located in Saint Louis, Missouri. We offer innovative and independent securities representatives a supportive back office environment, which allows our investment professionals to cater select financial products and services to meet the needs of their clients.

Compliance Portal

Welcome to the compliance portal for The Firm. This portal is designed to facilitate your compliance requirements respective to your line of business. From attestations to continuing education, required disclosures or blotters, and access to documentation and WSPs, you will find an array of information where your home office supports your branch office, to help you as a financial service professional maintain compliant in our regulatory world. If you have any issues getting connected to your portal, please reach out to your Field Supervisor or IT Support at 866-963-9336 and we will be happy to assist.