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2019 MSRB Training Course Catalog

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Course Course ID Level
NEW! -  An Overview of Fixed Income Securities (FE INT) 11016 Overview
NEW! -  Anti-Money Laundering for Municipal Securities Representatives (FE INT) 11028 Overview
Auction Rate Securities (FE) 9143 Intermediate
Basics of Bond Investing (FE) 9144 Overview
NEW! -  Customer Data Protection and the Municipal Securities Representative (FE INT) 11468 Overview
Disclosures in Connection with Primary Offerings (MSRB Rule G-32) (FE INT) 10695 Intermediate
Ethics and Professional Conduct for the Municipal Securities Representative (FE INT) 10680 Overview
NEW! -  Fixed Rate Primary Market Offerings (FE INT) 11583 Overview
NEW! -  MSRB Advertising Rules (FE INT) 11540 Overview
MSRB Rule G-3 (FE) 9148 Overview
MSRB Rule G-42: The Fiduciary Duty Rule (FE) 9470 Overview
MSRB Rules and Risks (FE INT) 10679 Overview
NEW! -  Municipal Advisor Rules (FE INT) 11231 Advanced
NEW! -  Municipal Advisors, Municipal Underwriters, Advice and the MSRB (FE INT) 10936 Intermediate
NEW! -  Municipal Bond Investing and Regulation (FE INT) 10719 Overview
NEW! -  Municipal Issuer Credit Analysis (FE INT) 10872 Overview
SEC Rule 15c2-12 (INT) 10696 Overview
NEW! -  SEC Rule 15c2-12 - Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation Initiative (FE INT) 11465 Intermediate
NEW! -  Structuring, Pricing, and Executing Municipal Debt Products (FE INT) 10752 Overview
NEW! -  Supervision of Municipal Securities Representatives (FE INT) 10950 Intermediate
NEW! -  The Role of the FINOP (FE INT) 11004 Advanced