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 Student Attestation

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 Quest CE's Course Status

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 Redeeming A Voucher Code

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 Frequently Asked Questions+
 Can I repeat a course?

Rules vary by state regarding course repetition. Quest CE's system will allow you to register and complete a course and its examination multiple times; however, the state insurance department has the authority to deny course credit. Please verify with your state insurance department that you are able to receive credit for courses you have taken in the past.     

 Do you send my credits to the state? How long until credits are submitted?

Credit submission processes vary by state. During the course selection process, Quest CE will alert users to certain states/designations that require self-reporting. Most states have an online or electronic credit submission process, but not all. Quest CE processes credits within two business days of the user's completion date and receipt of a monitor affidavit, if required. Quest CE cannot be responsible for state processing time and other factors beyond our control (submitted credential errors) that may delay credits from appearing on your transcript. All exam completions are recorded in Central Standard Time.

 How is my course completion date determined?

Once a user successfully completes their exam, with a 70% or higher pass rate, Quest CE's system will automatically time-stamp and verify a completion date based on the time they click "submit." The user can then log into their account, at anytime, to view the results of their training, including the recorded 'completion date' and score. This information is recorded on the course's online certificate, which is available to users after finishing the exam. Please note that all time-stamped activities are recorded in Central Standard Time (CST).

 My credits have not been submitted for a course that I completed, why?

If you passed an exam, and credits have not yet been posted to your state, you may be in a state that requires a monitor affidavit. Ensure that you have submitted the affidavit to Quest CE and that it is properly filled out. Some states will withhold credits for a variety of reasons. In these circumstances, contact the state directly for more detailed information.

 How is the exam formatted? What score is required to pass my exam?

Users will take an online exam consisting of multiple-choice questions.  Exams are closed book, meaning users cannot access course content during the exam or seek outside assistance. Most exams have 50 multiple-choice questions. The system randomly scrambles questions each time an exam is taken. You must score 70% or higher in order to pass. There are a few instances where a course may have a longer or shorter exam. Exams must be completed in one sitting. If you exit the exam, you will have to begin again.     

 What if I do not pass the exam?

Should you not receive a passing score on the exam, you may retake the exam. There are no limitations to the number times you are allowed to take the exam.

 Did you get my affidavit?

To check if your affidavit has been received, login to your account and click the “Certificates” tab on the right-hand navigation bar in your account. If your affidavit has not yet been processed, the system will display "missing affidavit". Please allow two business days from the date your affidavit was submitted for it to be processed.

 How do I get a certificate?

For most states, once you complete an exam, and submit your state's monitor affidavit (if required), a certificate will be available to print by logging into your online profile. Individuals who complete courses for NY and FL will receive a certificate of completion emailed to them. Certificates will be sent to the email address provided in the user's profile, once the necessary information has been obtained. Please note: duplicate copies of a certificate are available to users at a cost of $10 per certificate.

 How long do I have to complete a course?

You have one year from purchase/voucher card redemption to complete a course. 

 How long can I keep the course open on my screen?

If you plan on taking a break during your training, or simply walking away from your computer for a long duration of time, Quest CE recommends that you log out of the system completely. This will ensure that any progress made is recorded properly. Once you begin an exam, you must complete the entire exam in order to receive a grade. If you exit the exam at any point, answers will not be saved and you will have to start from the beginning.

 Is this course approved by the state?

When you select a state or designation, only courses approved in that state are displayed. Credit cannot be awarded for a course completed prior to approval or after it loses its status as approved.

 Can I print a copy of the reading material?

No, reading material is not available to print, but can be accessed at any time, from any desktop or mobile device, by logging into the website.   

 Can I get a refund for my purchase?

We offer 100% refund on all course purchases, provided that the exam has not yet been accessed. A refund request must be received in writing, via email, to within 30 days of purchase.

 Is the website secure?

While no data transmission over the Internet can be 100% secure, Quest CE is committed to mitigating security risks by complying with industry-wide standards and SSAE 16 Type II certifications.

In addition to server-wide security, users taking self-study training and exams through Quest CE platforms will have individual profiles set-up with unique usernames, passwords and security questions. Login credentials vary by users and are not accessible by internal staff or program administrators. Security questions will be used throughout the system when verifying a user's identity. 

Quest CE requires the use of browser software that supports industry standard TLS 1.2 encryption with 256-bit key lengths. The "256-bit" designation refers to the length of the key used to encrypt the data being transmitted, with a longer key representing a higher level of security. For both security and compatibility concerns, be sure to use the latest version of Google's Chrome Browser.

 What happens to my identifying information?

The personally identifiable information you submit to Quest CE is used only to service accounts, submit certificates to state or federal boards on a user's behalf and/or to provide users with information on Quest CE products and services. We will not sell, share or rent your personally identifiable information to others. User records, exam results and affidavits are kept on file at Quest CE for a minimum of 5 years.